We are a multimedia production company based out of São Paulo founded in 2013.

We are directors, designers, artists, illustrators, animators, editors and storytellers. We work hard to offer brands the best creations possible. More than that, we like producing in a variety of formats in order for people to watch, be entertained, touched and surprised.

We believe in the power of collaboration and exchanging knowledge. With our team of artists, we work with global agencies and brands, offering unique, tailored content for advertising, branded content, TV, cinema, internet, games, and other personal experiments.

We like to say that Dirty Work means sweat, energy, and hard work. It means starting from zero to find the perfect formula, and having fun while doing it.

We do the Dirty Work for you.

"We are experts in animation and content production, and we believe each story should be told in a unique fashion. We love mixing production techniques."