Quero Integral

Matrículas abertas


Directed by: Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal

Creative Direction: Gustavo Leal

Executive Producer: Ito Andery

Producer: Ito Andery

Art Direction: Felms

Concept Design: Felms, Lucas Wakamatsu, Gustavo Leal

Storyboard: Felms, Gustavo Leal, Lucas Wakamatsu

Animatic: Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal, Felms, Lucas Wakamatsu, Jefferson lima, bruno tedesco, Breno Licursi, Hugo Takahashi, Paula Puiupo,

Illustration: Felms, Lucas Wakamatsu, Gustavo Leal, Arnaldo petazoni, Luciana monteiro, Bernardo França, Fernando Molina, Thiago Biazzoto, João Marcelo

2D Animation: Breno Licursi, Bruno Tedesco, Jefferson Lima, Hugo Takahashi, Alex Maia, Paula Puiupo

Motion Design: Pedro Fernandes, Faga Melo, Caique moretto, Ricardo Lopes, Cristianne Ly, Christopher Rocha

Audio: Evil Twin

Agency: Ogilvy

We took part in a cool campaign created by Ogilvy for a brazilian NGO that implements a full time education system in public schools. That helps young students to have better opportunities to go to college and get jobs in the future.