Netshoes - Valentine's day

Agency: Netshoes
Client: Netshoes
Audio: Tentáculo Audio

Dirty Work Factory + Movie&Art
Directed by: Rapha Coutinho, Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal
Director assistant: Camila Gentile
Animation Direction: Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal
Creative Direction: Gustavo Leal
Executive Production: Ito Andery
Director of Photography: Enio Berwanger
Account manager: Jana Kam, Rachel Buzzoleti
Concept art: Gustavo Leal, Gustavo Rates
Art Direction: Cadu Macedo, Gustavo Leal, Gustavo Rates
Storyboard: Gustavo Leal
Animatic: Faga Melo
Illustration: Gustavo Leal, Welligton Fattori
2D Animation: Alex Maia, Caique Moretto, Faga Melo, Ricardo “Mineiro”
Lopes, Thiago Bernardes
3D and VFX: Cadu Macedo, Diogo Mangiacavalli
Editor: Faga Melo, Rapha Coutinho, Gustavo Leal
Compositing: Cadu Macedo, Diogo Mangiacavalli, Edu Rios, Faga Melo, Ricardo “Mineiro” Lopes, Thiago Bernardes

The fun never ends! More so when we are given the mission of creating an ad, together with our friends at Netshoes, based on a parody of a song by Brazil’s ageless heartthrob, Fábio Júnior.