Black November 2017


Black November NS 2017

Agency: Netshoes
Client: Netshoes
Creative Direction: Jonas Kuhner
Creative Coordenation: Fabio Bronco
Creators: Kauê Vieira, Paulo Lajus
Account Director: Jean Santos
Account Manager: William Cassarro
Planner: Douglas Ribeiro
Producer: Cadu Bondezan

Live Action Production Company: Domo
Animation/Post Production Company: Dirty Work Factory
Directed by: Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal, Júlio Taubkin
Executive Production: Carlos Grübber, Ito Andery,
Director Assistent: Ricardo Mordoch
Director of Photography: Alexandre Elaiuy
Production design: Paula albuquerque
Stylist: Melina Schleder
Make: Patricia Martinelli
Storyboard: Gustavo Leal, Hugo Takahashi
Animatic: Faga Melo
Edit: Faga Melo, Júlio Taubkin
Concept Design: Gustavo Leal, Thiago Pinto
Illustration: Alex Maia, Daniel Semanas, Gustavo Leal, Pedro Fernandes, Thiago Biazzoto, Wellington Fattori
2D Animation: Alex Maia, Caique Moretto, Daniel Semanas, Fabio Meira, Faga Melo, Felipe Almeida, Gustavo Leal, Pedro Fernandes, Thiago Bernardes
Modeling/3d Animation: Bernardo Maia
Compositing: Fabio Meira, Faga Melo, Felipe Almeida, Pedro Fernandes, Thiago Bernardes,
Cor: Acauan Pastore
Audio: Lua Nova
Musical productor: Fred Benuce

Agency: Netshoes

What would an internet party be like? A crazy party filled with strange people, right? We used this playful spirit to create this fun mess together with Netshoes, filled with memes, easter eggs, mixed media and thousands of celebrities.