Agency: BETC São Paulo
Client: GIV - Grupo de Incentivo a Vida

Directed by Dirty Work Factory
Creative Director: Gustavo Leal
Executive Producer: Ito Andery, Karima Ruhmann
Art Director: Gustavo Leal, Diogo Mangiacavalli
Storyboard: Gustavo Leal
Animatic: Alex Maia, Caique Moretto
Concept Art: Gustavo Leal
Illustration: Gustavo Leal, Gustavo Gialucca
2D Animation and FX: Alex Maia, Caique Moretto
3D Modelling: Milton Dias
Rigging: Diogo Mangiacavalli
3D Animation: Diogo Mangiacavalli
Editor: Caique Moretto, Diogo Mangiacavalli
Shader and Render: Diogo Mangiacavalli
Composition: Diogo Mangiacavalli

Audio by Tentaculo Audio
Loc PT and ENG: Paulo Vasilescu
Executive Producer Audio: Fabi Apocalypse and Olivia Carrera

Agency: BETC

Sex, flirting, whispering sweet things, playing around with shapes and double entendres, all of it
to help in the fight against AIDS? Count us in! This was how we dove head first into this
campaign, together with our friends at BETC, for World AIDS Day.