Discovery H&H

Pink October


Discovery h&h - Pink October

Client: Discovery h&h
On Air director: Victor Seabra
Creative: Rodolfo Vicentin
Art Manager: Byron Segundo
Production Supervisor: Thais Vieira

Dirty Work Factory
Directed by: Gustavo Leal
Creative Direction: Gustavo Leal
Executive Producer: Ito Andery
Concept Design: Gustavo Leal
Storyboard: Gustavo Leal
Animatic: Gustavo Leal
Illustration: Gustavo Leal, Alex Maia
2D Animation: Alex Maia

Agency: Discovery h&h

It’s always gratifying to be invited to take part in a project about a subject as important as breast cancer prevention. It was an honor for us to help raise awareness of the importance of the breast self-exam during the month of October on Discovery Home & Health.