Discovery H&H

Branding 2018


On Air director: Victor Seabra
Creative: Rodolfo Vicentin
Art Manager: Byron Segundo
Production Supervisor: Thais Vieira

Dirty Work Factory
Directed by: Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal
Creative Direction: Gustavo Leal
Screenplay: Gustavo Leal, Raphael Nahun
Executive Producer: Ito Andery
Director of Photography: Caio Costa, Jorge Maia
Photography assistant: Emilio Gonzalez
Producer: Ito Andery
Concept Design: Gustavo Leal, Thiago Pinto
Art Direction: Gustavo Leal, Thiago Pinto
Storyboard: Felms, Thiago Biazzoto
Illustration: Alex Maia, Breno Licursi, Felms, Guilherme Zamarioli, Gustavo Leal, Thiago Biazzoto
2D Animation: Alex Maia, Caique Moretto, Breno Licursi, Ricardo Labella
3D Modeling: Diogo Mangiacavalli, Milton Dias,
3D Animation: Caique Moretto, Diogo Mangiacavalli
Stop Motion: Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal
Composition: Edu Rios, Faga Melo
Edit: Faga Melo
Color Grading: Acauan Pastore

Make up: Lucas Lisboa
Actress: Giovanna Gonzatto
Food Producer: Maria Gabriela Luppi

Agency: Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel invited us to create several identity ads for the programming on its Home & Health channel, and they turned out beautifully! We had total freedom to play around and combine different techniques.

The best part was getting to see them on our TV sets. There were 32 ads in total, where we explored the worlds of stop motion, live action, motion graphics, 3D and traditional animation.